About Us

Who We Are


Art Ramzy and Daryl Smith are licensed insurance professionals and co-founders of Phase ll Wealth Management. We established our company based on the concept of offering one unique product, specifically for young, healthy and professional high-income earners. This is the vision we have cultivated and sustained; a practice that has instilled in us the knowledge and expertise to set us apart from our peers. Our comprehensive approach is a testament to how we have excelled in finding the optimal process to structure and customize the indexed universal life product for each client. 

We understand that knowledge without action is meaningless. We’ve discovered that money does figuratively grow on trees; the tree of “opportunity and recognition”. Therefore, we provide a superior service in wealth management, tailored to each account, to best meet the client’s needs.

Insurance is a staple in every financial portfolio. Do you have the most powerful and effective insurance product for someone in your unique position? Our 45-minute consultation provides background knowledge and valuable insight on how we can help you make the most of your future.  

What We Do


At Phase ll, we thrive on providing our clients with the best possible policies available. Our elite clientele base has come to expect unsurpassed service of competency and product knowledge, and the assurance that their current financial assets and future growth will be protected without the risk of revenue loss. 

We serve as independent agents, which provides us with the leverage to secure the best attainable plan for our customers, as we are not bound to a specific company. We maintain a very strict confidentiality commitment that entails never advertising, marketing, or disclosing the private matters of our clients, or the nature of their business.

Our Guarantee


The policies we offer are exceptional in their performance. Our policies are designed to avoid a lifestyle change upon retirement, and best suited for those interested in allocating a considerable initial investment. We retain a sales force of highly skilled, licensed agents to counsel our clients and assist them with product knowledge so they can make an informed decision.


Our licensed agents are committed to providing our clients the best policy tailored for their needs and future goals.

"Rule #1: Shop your broker, not your companies" -Forbes