Indexed Universal Life Insurance

At Phase II Wealth Management, we specialize in indexed universal life insurance policies, tailored for you. 

 We work with numerous companies to secure the ideal plan to fit your lifestyle. This generates the maximum number of options to customize your policy, including elective riders and/or additional features to suit your requirements.

These policies are generally best for those with a large upfront investment that are planning for tax-free retirement or long-term withdrawals. This approach gives you the opportunity to grow cash value based on indexed interest utilizing a variety of crediting methods and allocation options.

Our IUL policies offer financial stability with low risk. With the principal protection that is unique to this product, you are shielded from the possible losses associated with traditional brokerage accounts. Our solutions not only provide security, but also serve as essential diversification when added to your current assets, creating a robust investment portfolio.

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 An Indexed Universal Life Insurance policy is a flexible premium permanent life insurance policy containing an insurance component and an investment component. IUL insurance allows policy holders to build a cash value that can be used for a long-term income stream.

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